The KIEWIET December 2018

Dear Members and friends of St Francis Bay Golf Club,

Here we are at the end of the Year of our Lord 2018 and so much has happened and we are also looking forward to a great holiday season. We welcome all our swallows that have already arrived and are about to arrive as well as our regular up-country and inland visitors who will be joining us in the Kouga area and hopefully will have great weather to play golf. We pray for Camelot weather where it can only rain at night.

Our area has had some good rains but the last two months have been very dry and we would urge our visitors to help us conserve as much water as possible. In spite of the dry spell our course is in great condition and we would like to keep it like that throughout the holiday period so please assist our ground staff by making use of Sand-bags during your round and fill all divots and repair as many pitch marks as possible without holding up play.

We ask you to also help our Clubhouse staff by following a few easy steps:

  • Make sure that you are booked and in time for your game – Leaving your phone number in the Bookings Book is always helpful should we need to make contact;
  • If you can no longer play at a certain time, please have the courtesy of phoning the Club (042294-0467) to cancel;
  • If you do not have a time booked our Clubhouse staff will do everything possible to accommodate you but please be patient;
  • Please keep up the pace of play and help us to make everyone’s round of golf as enjoyable as possible;
  • Be courteous on and off the course – We are all here to enjoy the holidays and our time on the golf course.

A reminder that the Club AGM will be held on Thursday 10th January at 17h30.

Please attend to hear about YOUR Club’s activities & elect a new Committee.

Enjoy and play the game!!


PS Make sure that you get to know the new Golf Rules that will come into operation from the 1st January 2019 – See the Notice Board and get your NEW RULE BOOK. There are also some excellent videos available to give instruction on the new Rules.


From the Chairman

Greetings fellow members,

Where has the year gone?  Each year seems to get shorter and shorter – Must be age!!

December is upon us and visitors will be streaming in to our village which is great for all the businesses in St Francis and our golf course will see the usual increase in rounds over this holiday period.

 Please get your names down early to avoid disappointment and let’s have some good golf over the holiday season.  The golf course is in great condition despite the lack of rain and hopefully we will get e good weather but some rain will also be much appreciated.

The past year has been a great success for our club with records recorded across the board and this could not have been achieved without the support of the club committee and our dedicated staff and contractors.

My thanks go out to each of you for the outstanding effort in making our club what it is.

Apart from committee and staff we also have thank all our members who support our events and functions and the many volunteers who pitch in when the club is in need.

 We are never short of these amazing helpers.

Thanks must also go out to our regular sponsors and I would again appeal to our members to support them when they can.

Hopefully next year will see the momentum continue and our club goes from strength to strength.

Remember to make yourselves familiar with the rule changes that will be introduced next year which are aimed at making the game more “user friendly”.  See Richard’s article for more on this.

To all our members, family and friends may I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe festive season and beyond.

Yours in Golf


From the Captain

As the Festive Season approaches we welcome the holiday makers from far & wide. We hope they have an enjoyable experience at our club and if any souls appear lost it would do no harm to ask if they require assistance.


At the end of October we sent two teams to compete at the annual Kelly Foursomes at Roy. Our 1st team (L Boag, Nel, Pottas & Vauqulin) excelled in winning the B Division and will compete in the A division next year. Our thanks go to Louis for captaining the side. This crowns an already successful year in which our 1st team won the C Division of the EP Scratch League not forgetting that our club also won the Kouga League for the fourth successive year. Am not sure whether this treble has been achieved before!


Whilst the Europeans enjoyed toppling the Americans near Paris, regrettably the Captains’ team was narrowly beaten by the Chairman’s team in St Francis Bay. We ought to congratulate them despite the victory being marred once again by some dubious tactics. Well done to the victors, it is pitiful that you did not buy the opposition a consolatory drink afterwards!


Next year the rules of golf will thankfully be simplified and reduced from 34 to 24. Simply stated, they are designed to make the game more “user friendly”. In the words of the Executive Director of governance at the R & A “a major step forward in our efforts to make the Rules, and golf itself, more accessible and more in tune with the way the modern sport is played”. An abridged “Player’s Edition” will soon be made available to members. Members would be well advised to acquaint themselves with the rules sooner rather than later. The most salient are as follows;

Water hazards will henceforth be known as Penalty Areas and the 5 key changes are;

  1. a)  All drops to be taken from knee height
  2. b) Search time for ball reduced from five to three minutes
  3. c) Flagstick may be left in the hole when putting on the green
  4. d) No penalty if your ball accidentally strikes you or your equipment
  5. e) You may remove a loose impediment anywhere. If however in so doing you cause your ball to move, there will be a penalty.

In order to progress, change is essential (change is the price of survival or as Churchill said: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”) As such I shall be standing down at the end of my term next month, making way for newer and fresher ideas. It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve as your captain for the last two years. In so doing I would like to thank all members of our staff, course and house, for the tremendous effort they have put in. Your dedication to duty is the reason for us being where we are today. Secondly, the members of our committee who have served so diligently, thank you so much for going the extra mile, particularly for the Calamari Classic this year. To our caterers, your dishes throughout the year have been simply delicious. Last but certainly not least, you members who make up the Club –  Thank you so very much for your wonderful support through thick & thin, it  is appreciated. May I wish you all many years of enjoyable golf henceforth.

In conclusion, may you have a blessed Christmas and everything good in 2019.

To happy times on and off the course.

Richard Vauqulin – Club Captain


NUY Winery – Dinner & Wine tasting

On Friday evening 2nd November members and visitors had the opportunity to share in a wonderful meal prepared by our Caterers while at the same time listen to a most informative chat about wines and the making of our favourite drink by Christo Pienaar one of the Winemakers at Nuy Winery. Nuy Winery is located on the Cape Town side of Robertson (on the R62) and they also have a truly magnificent Restaurant called Nuy on the Hill that serves a wide variety of dishes.

This Winery is truly worth a visit. They make the most beautiful Muskadel for those who have a sweeter taste. They do however have some very special Red & White wines and also a very special Brandy.

CAPTAINS’DAY – 8th December 2018

This day is always the culminations of the activities of the year.

The day turned out beautifully with a slightly challenging breeze at times but it also ensured that the players on the course were not going to be too hot. The competition was as usual a “Mystery 4-Ball Alliance” where players only found out when arriving on the green, whose scores were going to be used on that particular hole. It is a lot of fun but there is of course no let up because you are not sure whether your score will make the difference on a particular hole. A full field enjoyed the free round of golf compliments of the Captains and Club.

The day was as usually sponsored by our auditors, Moore Stephens, who was represented by Jandrè van Zyl who congratulated all the winners; encouraged everyone to enjoy the rest of the day and also wished everyone a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Dawn & Keith





After grace was said a wonderful meal followed. Both Captains then had an opportunity to say a few words and apart from general comments about the activities of the Ladies’ Section (Captain Dawn Speirs) and Men’s Section and the Club in general (Captain Richard Vauqulin) they took the opportunity to thank the Management and Staff of the Club; The caterers; The outgoing Committee: sponsors through the year as well as all the members who supported the Club.

Our Guest Speaker was Keith Simpson from Humewood who is also a Member of the R&A. An enjoyable evening was had by all and we need to thank the Captains and the Club for a wonderful day of golf and an evening of camaraderie and festivities.

Annatjie, Gordon & Wendy in deep conversation

Michelle, Mandy, Brian, Don & Richard in jovial mood – Did they have enough wine??

The Main Table all relaxed and happy after a good meal.

Kevin, Barry, Johan & Louis – Could Johan be telling Louis that he should share??

October 2018 Competition Results

03 Oct – Better Ball FrasAfrica

1st      Hennie Boshoff & Charlie Byl          PTS 46 c/i

 2nd  Richard Vauqulin & Arthur Goodman PTS 46 c/o

3rd  Clive de Witt & Rob Andrews               PTS 44

06 Oct –JWD Memorial Day                                                                      The winners with Fraser

4 ball Alliance

1st           Len Grieve, Richard Vauqulin, Charles Coenraad, Hennie Boshoff                              PTS 103
2nd          Willie Uys, Willem Verwey, Louis Boag, Kevin Boag                                                    PTS 100
3rd           Ian Price, Glen D’Arcy, Garry Milford, Arthur Goodman                                                PTS 99

Individual Gents
1st           Charles Coenraad

Individual Ladies
1st        Tammy Webster

10 Oct – IPS Jackpot
1st        Len Terblanche                                                                                               PTS 41
2nd        Brian Hibbert                                                                                                  PTS 40
3rd        JP Pauwels                                                                                                     PTS 38

13 Oct – Better Ball
1st        Ian Strang & RowanNicholls                                                                           PTS 40 c/i
2nd        Nico Lourens & Nico Lourens Jnr                                                                    PTS 40 c/o

17 Oct – Better Ball
1st        Richard Vauqulin & Arthur Goodman                                                           PTS 48
2nd        Keith Condon & Len Terblanche                                                                 PTS 45 c/i
3rd        Garry Milford & Colin Clare                                                                          PTS 45 c/o

20 Oct – IPS Jackpot
1st        Jean Fynn                                                                                                       PTS 40
2nd        Don Speirs                                                                                                     PTS 38 c/i
3rd        Bruwer Swanepoel                                                                                          PTS 38 c/o

24 Oct – 4 Ball Alliance
1st           Garry Milford, Roy Liebenberg, Hein Nauhaus, Peter Askew                        PTS 92
2nd          David Truter, Graham Smith, Ralph Hilligan,         Tony Yoell                        PTS 89 c/i
3rd           Dawie van Zyl, Raymond Butler,John Robson, Terry Smith                          PTS 89 c/o

27 Oct  – Monthly Medal
A Division 0 – 9
1st:       Liam Schulz                                                     Gross   93        Nett     84        HCP 9
2nd:       Mike Pearton                                                  Gross   82        Nett     73        HCP 9

B Division 10 – 18
1st:       Tieg Schulz                                                      Gross   79        Nett     66        HCP 13
2nd:       Darryl Hendricks                                             Gross   81        Nett     71        HCP 10

C Division 19 – 30
1st:       David Kettlewell                                              HCP     19                    Pts       33 c/i

Silver Division:
1st:       Jane Schulz                                                      Gross  86         Nett  72           HCP    14
2nd:       Heilie Uys                                                        Gross  98         Nett  72           HCP    16

Bronze Division:
1st:       Paula Ferreira                                                 Gross  97         Nett   76          HCP     21
2nd:       Tammy Webster                                             Gross  107       Nett   78          HCP     29
Putts:          Paula Ferreira – 34 putts

The winners with Kobus

31 Oct  – Better Ball – Humansdorp Toyota
1st:       Paul Wentzel & Rob Andrews                    PTS 45
2nd:       Viv Jones & Keith Forgan                         PTS 44
3rd:       Alan Wright & Janine vd Merwe                PTS 43





November 2018 Competition Results

03 Nov – Ryder Cup
1st           Chairman’s Team   PTS 21
2nd          Captain’s Team       PTS 17

07 Nov – 4 Ball Alliance – FrasAfrica
1st           Janine vd Merwe, Gordon Dennett, Fraser Schenk, Marius Malherbe              PTS 96
2nd          Rob Andrews, Brian Hibbert, Ken Gammie, Keith Anderson                             PTS 92 c/i
3rd           Willie Uys, Les Lawson, Linda Lawson, Heilie Uys                                            PTS 92 c/o

10 Nov – 4 Ball Alliance
1st        Hennie Boshoff, Viv Jones, Ken McGregor, Keith Forgan                              PTS 94
2nd        Darryl Hendricks, Rowan Nicholls, Ken Wiggins, Ian Strang                          PTS 91 c/i
3rd        Thys Wilson, Paul Wentzel, Hein Nauhaus, Clive de Witt                              PTS 91 c/o

14 Nov – Better Ball
1st        Richard Kellett & Peter Collison                                                                     PTS 44
2nd        Hein Nauhaus & Clive de Witt                                                                        PTS 43 c/i
3rd:       Keith Condon & Corris Meyer                                                                        PTS 43 c/o

17 Nov – IPS – Continental Cars – BMW

   Men’s A Division 0 – 12
1st:       Ken Wiggins                                                                            HCP 12            PTS 36
2nd:       Len Terblanche                                                                       HCP 12            PTS 34 c/i
3rd:       Michael Pearton                                                                     HCP 9              PTS 34 c/o

Due to the 1st & 2nd placed persons not being present at Prize-giving, Michael Pearton goes through to the Regional Finals in PE.

Men’s B Division 13 – 28
1st:       Clive de witt                           HCP 18            PTS 35 c/i
2nd:  Arthur Goodman                        HCP 17            PTS 35 c/o
3rd: Albert Kolesky                              HCP 16            PTS 34 c/i 

1st:       Jean Fynn                              HCP 23            PTS 38
2nd:       Lesley Fisher                         HCP 23            PTS 36
3rd:       Linda Allan                              HCP 27            PTS 35

21 Nov – Combined Stableford
1st        Keith Condon & Len Terblanche                        PTS 68 c/i
2nd        Michael Pearton & Len Grieve                           PTS 68 c/o

24 Nov  – Monthly Medal
A Division 0 – 9
1st:       Albert Burger

B Division 10 – 18
1st:       Charlie Byl
2nd:       Rowan Nicholls  

C Division 19 – 30
1st:       David Kettlewell
2nd:       Keith Forgan

1st:       Joan-Louise Manthe
Putts:   Jean Fynn – c/i

28 Nov  – Better Ball – Humansdorp Toyota
1st:       Michael Pearton & John Sawers            PTS 45
2nd:       Keith Condon & Corris Meyer                PTS 43 c/i
3rd:         Janine vd Merwe & Willie Uys               PTS 43 c/o

Well done to all the winners. 



We have a variety of wonderful new stock in the Proshop with some regular “SPECIALS”. Come and browse through our offering and if you can’t find something you need, please speak to the staff who will be delighted to assist you. You will be surprised at the prices that we can offer you here at St Francis Bay GC.

Look forward to seeing you and thanking you for your support.


This is starting the new Financial Year and we look forward to a steady year of consolidation. For the first month our rounds increased by 8% over the last year but the revenue only increased by 4%. We are hoping that the weather will be good for the holiday period and that we will have a great few months from now until the Winter starts and the days get shorter. Our thanks to the Management and staff who make our Club a place where people want to come and play and enjoy themselves after their golf.



Wednesday 12th December                      Better Ball Stableford – Sponsored by Oliver Rotthaus
Friday/Saturday 14th/15th December       The Pam Golding Annual – StFBGC vs StF Links
Monday 17th December                             Kettlewell Trophy Ladies – am + Almeida Seniors Trophy – am
Wednesday 19th December                       Better Ball Stableford – Toyota Humansdorp
Thursday 20th December                           NSRI Oyster Bay Charity Golf Day – all day
Saturday 22nd December                           Maxwell Trophy Individual Stableford
Monday 24th December – club will close at 4pm
Tuesday 25th – Golf Course and clubhouse closed
Wednesday 26th December                       Foster Charity Golf Day – all day
Saturday 29th December                            Better Ball Stableford 


Tuesday 1st January                        Golf Course Open
Wednesday 2ND January               Quest for Autism School – Charity Golf Day
Saturday 5th January                       St Francis Open – Maritime Motors


Some people just enjoy winning and crowing about it!!

Well done Charlie Byl. You took the money this time.

The Management and staff of the St Francis Bay Golf Club would like to wish every one of the members and visitors a restful and enjoyable holiday period.

Blessed Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2019

Enjoy your golf,




It never fails to amaze me how fast the time moves as you get older, it is now two years that I have had the privilege of being the Lady Captain. Thank you to the Committee for being supportive and hard working. Our Tuesday morning ladies golf is thriving thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of our ladies. This month’s events have seemed like a battle between the weather and our schedule. We did manage to get our medal competition played with one section and had a new winner in Joan Louise Manthe and a seasoned player in Jean Fynn who won the best putter on the day.

Enjoy the reporting on the rest of our activities in this edition and thanks for all your support during 2018.

Once again, The Pam Golding Properties Ladies Open Weekend has attracted ladies from 20 different Clubs from all over South Africa to compete on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November at St Francis Bay Golf Club and St Francis Links.
Over the two days and nights, the lady golfers were treated to welcome gifts, two days of golf on two courses within the top 100 ranked courses in SA, accommodation in local establishments, a gala dinner with live music at The Links, prize giving and Lunch at St Francis Bay GC and great prizes! The theme for the dinner were “Around the World”.
There were prizes and opportunities galore! Pam Golding Properties in St. Francis Bay was the main sponsor and the ladies also had the opportunity to win hole-in-one prizes. Bay Union Insurance sponsored a hole-in-one on the Links with Dirk Ellis Volkswagen in Jeffreys Bay putting up a new car. Annemarie’s Boutique in St. Francis Bay sponsored a hole-in-one at SFBGC to the value of R5000 in aid of CANSA. Thanks also to all the Beauty Boutiques in St Francis who sponsored nearest to the pin prizes.

There were 12 prizes to be won over these two days. The outstanding golfers who won first and second prizes on both courses were:
Saturday at the Links:
– 1st: Sheila Howell & Louise van Niekerk
– 2nd: Martine Strasheim & Nonna Hanekom
Sunday at SFBGC:
– 1st: Sheila Howell & Louise van Niekerk
– 2nd: Paula Bester & Sandra Cliff

The overall prize winners for the weekend were Sheila Howell (East London) and Louise van Niekerk (Dordrecht).

This tournament is an example of putting skills, endurance, enthusiasm and cooperation from two golf clubs together to ensure not only the success of the tournament but also promoting ladies golf in the Eastern Cape. The publicity this event has engineered is going far past the Village borders.


This tournament pitted the country’s top club champions from three different divisions against each other – first in a Regional and then a 36-hole National Final – to determine who the ultimate club Champion of Champions. The Tournament was hosted by the Glendower Golf Club on 11th till 13th November 2018.

SFBGC is very proud of Heather Kruger (our 2018 Ladies Champion) who came 7th in the Ladies Silver Division and the EP Team who won the Team Competition.


The ladies played their yearly President versus Captain Challenge on Tuesday27th November in mixed weather conditions. They say rain is good for the complexion!

The team of the Captain, Dawn Speirs had a convincing win over the team of the President, Heilie Uys.

Over the years, the team of the Captain won 10 challenges while the President’s team could only manage to win 4 times.

Thanks ladies for the wonderful spirit of camaraderie and caring among us!



The last day for organised Tuesday golf is 4th December.  Please join us for this final get together and enjoy each other’s company.  Ladies Golf on Tuesdays will restart on 8th January 2019.


Our final event for the year will be the Kettlewell Trophy to be played on Monday the 17th December. Our Christmas lunch will follow after golf on this day so please put your names down to play and if you are unable to play, please book for the lunch. Jani and her catering staff will WOW you!

As this is our final Kiewiet for the year please indulge me to say heartfelt thank you’s to the committee of Pam Beaumont as amazing secretary, Shelley Owen a truly talented lady with all things in flowers and decoration, Nicole Kellett an inspiring league captain, Joan Louise Manthe the most enthusiastic golfer and organizer of the bunny group and last by no means least to Heile Uys an amazing President and my mentor. Thank you so much for this year.

An appropriate golf quote applies to my years as captain too, ‘I never played a round of golf where I didn’t learn something new about the game.’ Ben Hogan.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas with family and friends, have fun, make memories and stay safe.


Lady Captain

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