The KIEWIET December

Dear Members and friends of St Francis Bay Golf Club,

We are at the end of the year of our Lord 2017. This year has absolutely sped past so as the saying goes, we must have been having a lot of fun.

Through the year we have had to say sad farewells to some of our members and friends and many of our members have been challenged with health-issues. Some have recovered fully and others continue on with some limitations. We wish them all well and express thankfulness for every day that we are able to spend walking the fairways of our magnificent Golf Course.

It has been my privilege to compile this Newsletter for this time and I would like to thank our Chairman, Captains, the Committee and Janine and her staff at the Club for their support when I needed information to try and make the read as interesting as possible. I hope that I succeeded to some extent.

We are already seeing an increase in feet on the course as our holiday-makers arrive to come and enjoy their end-of-year break. We understand that our regular members who are used to fast-playing fields, might find some days slightly frustrating due to the slowness of the play but please show some understanding and make our visitors feel welcome at our Club. They are so much needed for the continued financial health of our Club.

On that subject, please make sure that your Membership Subscriptions and additional charges are settled to ensure your continued membership benefits while playing golf in December. Our Club depends on YOU!!!

May I take this opportunity to wish all our readers a wonderfully blessed and peaceful Christmas and a 2018 filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity and Health.

Support your Club and enjoy the golf,


From the Chairman

Welcome to all our “out of town” members as you join us for the Festive Season. We trust that we will be seeing you on the course during the holidays.

Congratulations to our ladies who again organized a very successful Pam Golding Properties Ladies Open Tournament with the Links-team. This event grows in stature from year to year.

Good News: The nuclear power-station site has moved to the Western Cape.

Bad news: The bridge over the Sand River will not be completed before the season.

Remember to attend the clubs AGM on the 11th January where you have the opportunity of having you voice heard as well as electing members to represent you for the coming year.

A special word of thanks go to all our staff who have put in the extra effort this past year to ensure the success of our club as well as making a visit to the Club a pleasant experience. Also for all the hard work and patience which will be required as we go into the festive season.

As this is the last Kiewiet for the year my best wishes to all and may you enjoy a blessed Christmas 

Derek De Villiers

From the Captain

Yet another year goes by with barely a fleeting glance, time simply refuses to stand still for anyone. Dare I say it, sometimes so disrespectfully! From the club’s point of view, it is comforting to know that our finances are slightly better than a year ago. Details of the latter will be made available to you shortly. As members we owe a debt of gratitude to our Chairman for steering our ship out of the choppy waters we were in not that long ago.

With the annual pilgrimage of holiday makers and tourists steadily flowing in, it would do no harm if we could bear a few things in mind viz:

  1. Club Image: Over the years our club has built up an enviable reputation for being friendly and hospitable. Let us continue to build on this, if you see a strange face looking lost, please ask if you could be of help. It costs nothing and goes a long way to fostering goodwill.
  2. Speed of Play: The volume of traffic at this time of the year increases dramatically. As such, the committee recommends and encourages “Ready Golf” – To play when you are ready to play, irrespective of whether it is your turn or not.

 Other ways to speed up play include the following;

  • Hit first & then go assist your partners looking for errant balls. Carry a spare ball & play it as a provisional if in any doubt – thereby eliminating the long and lonely walk back;
  • Each player walks to their own ball and prepare to play;
  • Hit and then talk;
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn;
  • Plan ahead: as you approach a green leave your cart/clubs at the point of exit en route to the next tee – not in front of the green or on the opposite side.


3. Repairing the course: Our green keeper and his team have, I am sure you will agree, done an awesome job in presenting the course as it is today. We could all assist by repairing our own pitch marks plus one other. The same applies to the filling of divots.

Captains Day & Dinner will be on the 9th of December and Moore Stephens’, our Club Auditors, has again kindly agreed to be the sponsor and if I may add: They are doing so in a very generous fashion. The Captains Fund will also subsidise the event. The Competition format is a 4-Ball “Mystery Cap Alliance”.  The after-dinner guest speaker will be the Editor of Golf Digest, Stuart McLean, whose insight into the game is bound to be of interest to all of us. If you have not yet got your names down, please do so as the list is filling fast and numbers are limited. Partners/wives are most welcome to join for dinner at a nominal charge.

Our AGM will be held on the 11th of January. Each member has a right to nominate candidates for the committee with a view to making a positive contribution to our Club. It is our club and as such our future! In this context we could do worse than bear in mind the words of, arguably the greatest leader of the Western world during the last century:

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”.

Finally, may I say a huge thank you to the staff and caterers whose tireless efforts need recognition. To you as members, thank you so very much for the support and cooperation through the year. Any club is after all, only as good as its members. It would be remiss of me not to mention the committee who have been an absolute pleasure to work with. It has been both an honour and privilege to serve you over the last year.

Have a blessed Christmas and may 2018 look upon you favourably. 

Richard Vauqulin – Club Captain



                                                2016                                             2017

                                                November          YTD                     November                YTD

Rounds                                 1410                                                       1406 (0%)

Value                                    R183 541              ——–                   R194 000 (+5.7%)     ——–

Starting the year on a very even keel but obviously our Greenfees Income is up due to slight increases. Please continue to support your Club by playing as well as making the Club known to your golfing friends.


We have a really full calendar of competitions and activities over the Festive Season. Please make sure that your names are down for the days on which you want to play and then make sure that you arrive on time to play. If you are unable to make it, please phone the Club on 042 294-0467 and let them know in time as there are always people who are looking for tee-times.

The Programme for December & January is as follows:


Wed      6th           FrasAfrica sponsored                     4-Ball Alliance
Fri         8th           Sundowner                                   Sponsored by Cape St Francis Resort
Sat        9th           Captains’ Day                              Sponsored by Moore Stephens 4-Ball Cap Alliance                                                                                           Dinner bookings essential
Wed      13th         Windhoek Lager Pairs                    BB Stableford Competition
Fri         15th         Sundowner                                    Sponsored by Cape St Francis Resort
Sat        16th         NSRI Oyster Bay Station               IPS Competition
Mon      18th         Kettlewell Trophy (Ladies) & Seniors Trophy (Men)
Wed      20th         BB Stableford Club Competition
Fri          22nd        Sundowner                                        Sponsored by Cape St Francis Resort
Sat         23rd        Maxwell Trophy                                  Sponsored by SAB           IPS Competition
Tues      26th         Foster Charity Golf Day                      4-Ball Alliance
Wed       27th         AM         Hat & Hound – Transplant Sports Charity Day      IPS Competition
PM         Humansdorp Toyota    BB Stableford Competition
Fri           29th         Sundowner                                        Sponsored by Cape St Francis Resort
Sat          30th         BB Stableford Club Competition


Tues/Wed           2nd & 3rd Pam Golding Annual – St Francis Links vs St Francis Bay GC – BB Stableford
Fri           5th           Sundowner                                        Sponsored by Cape St Francis Resort
Sat          6th           Maritime Motors St Francis Open – Men & Ladies             IPS Competition


Enjoy your golf,










It is with amazement that I realise this is the last report of the 2017 golfing year. We had a bumper year with many tournaments, challenges but most important we have experienced the love and caring attitude of our lady golfers.

We would like to welcome our swallows and visitors joining us for the holiday season. We hope you have great weather and even better golf. Please be vigilant on the course as we have Plover chicks for the first time in a while due to the monitoring of the dogs on our course, it is very pleasing to watch the birds come back in residence. 


Lady golfers from St. Francis Bay Golf Club and Jeffreys Bay Golf Club compete twice yearly in the Baboon Trophy Challenge with the loosing team winning the Trophy!

The first Challenge took place in May this year and Jeffreys Bay “won” the Trophy. The second challenge took place on Tuesday 31st October in splendid conditions at Jeffreys Bay GC. No matter how we tried, SFBGC won the trophy. The Baboon will rest in out trophy cabinet till 2018.

Of the 20 matches that were played since 2003 the trophy was share 7 times, Jeffreys Bay won it 8 times and SFBGC 5 times.

The St. Francis ladies would like to thank the ladies from Jeffreys Bay for the friendly spirit in which these challenges take place and also for the delicious lunch after the latest challenge.

Ronelle du Toit gladly handing
over the Baboon Trophy to
Dawn Speirs


Great golf, great organisation, great food and great entertainment. That is what 144 lady golfers experienced during the weekend of 11th and 12th November in the Pam Golding Properties Ladies Weekend Open on the courses of St. Francis Links and St. Francis Bay (SFBGC).

This event is the biggest ladies golfing event in the Eastern Cape and attracts ladies from all over South Africa. They represented 28 different clubs as well as two players from the United Kingdom. There were also 10 Ladies Captains in the field! 

There were prizes and opportunities galore! Pam Golding Properties in St. Francis Bay was the main sponsor and the ladies also had the opportunity to win hole-in-one prizes.  Bay Union Insurance sponsored a hole-in-one on the Links with Dirk Ellis Volkswagen in Jeffreys Bay putting up a new car. Annemarie’s Boutique in St. Francis Bay sponsored a hole-in-one at SFBGC to the value of R5000!

Thanks also to all the Beauty Boutiques in St Francis who sponsored nearest to the pin prizes.

But they did much more than just playing golf!  They also dressed up for anAloha Hawaii” gala dinner with music by Peter Papapanayotou.

There were 18 prizes to be won over these two days. The outstanding golfers who won first prizes on both courses were:


  • Francis Links: Betty Engler and Jenny Elliot (PE golf Club)
  • SFBGC: Sunet Venter and Alix Verrips (Knysna)


  • Francis Links: Ros Botha and Carol Pitt (PE Golf Club)
  • SFBGC: Melissa Palmer and Gillian Whitehead (PE Golf Club)

The overall prize winners for the weekend were Ros Botha and Carol Pitt 

This tournament is an example of putting skills, endurance, enthusiasm and cooperation from two golf clubs together to ensure not only the success of the tournament but also promoting ladies golf in the Eastern Cape. The publicity this event has engineered is going far past the Village borders.

Overall winners: Carol Pitt & Ros Botha
with Richard Arderne from Pam Golding Properties (St. Francis Bay)


The traditional President versus Captain’s Challenge will not take place this year due to the fact that the President, Heilie, had a shoulder operation and will not be able to play golf till next year.


 Tuesday golf:

The last day for organised Tuesday golf is 12th December.  Please join us for this final get together and enjoy each other’s company with snacks after golf.
Ladies Golf on Tuesdays will restart on 9th January 2018.

Kettlewell Trophy:

Our yearly Kettlewell Trophy competition will take place on Monday 18th December as a morning field. This event is one of the highlights on our calendar so please add your name to the list.
We hope all our visiting players will be with us. Golf will be followed by a Christmas lunch (own account).

Ladies Annual General Meeting 2018:

Please join us for the Annual General Meeting of the Ladies Section on Thursday 19th January 2017 at 16:00. Notice of the meeting and Nomination forms for Committee members will be posted on the notice board.


I would like to thank the club staff for their help in my year as captain, you have been patient, understanding and just great thank you. My committee has been amazing and supportive to me, my heartfelt thanks.

I would like to wish all our ladies a wonderful festive season, enjoy your time with your families and stay safe if you are travelling. May this season be filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments, may you all have a blessed Christmas.

Lady Captain

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