The KIEWIET July 2018

Dear Members and friends of St Francis Bay Golf Club,

We are supposed to be in the middle of Winter but here we are playing golf in shorts and still feeling the heat. Our area is in desperate need of rain as our supply-dams are at all-time lows so we ask our members to continue to save water at all cost. The long-term forecasts are also not looking too promising but we are still hoping and praying for some drought-breaking rain to fill our dams soon. In spite of the drought, our golf course remains in absolutely superb shape and we need to express our appreciation to Gordon, Jan and the Course Staff for their dedication to present us with such great playing and putting areas week after week!!

The new Handicap System that will be introduced in September is a much talked about subject and we urge our members to inform themselves of the changes and how it will impact us as players. The Handicap Network has sent out a very comprehensive and easy to understand Newsletter which you can read here: – This also appears at the end of this Newsletter.

Much of the work will actually be done by the Club Management and the recording system.

Please afford yourself the time to read this article.

Support your Club and enjoy the golf,


Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy: Three words that have come to represent the spirit in which the game of golf is played.

Repair Divots & Pitch marks;

Watch your language on the Course and in the Club – You are in a public place!!

Keep up with the Pace of play;

Don’t play with a ball you can’t afford to lose – Searching for balls take up time;

Make the game enjoyable for your playing partners – Don’t give unwanted advice;

Be ready to play when it is your turn;

Watch where you park your trolley or buggy – Check EXIT direction.


From the Chairman

Greetings fellow members,
Things are a bit quiet at this time of the year but we are still having fun and the club is going well.

Field sizes are obviously down versus earlier in the year which is not abnormal but we have had some good weather recently so please come out and play golf and /or join us for a meal or drinks in the bar.  Our club is a special place so let’s keep it that way by supporting whenever we can.

We have had a few enjoyable events recently including the “Sixes Competition” as well as our normal competitions supported by great sponsors to whom we are eternally thankful.

Regular sponsors such as the local Spar, Humansdorp Toyota and the Cape St Francis Resort to mention a few are key to the success of our club. So let’s support them whenever we can.

Thanks must go the Ken Nieuwenhuizen and Richard Vauqulin who organized the sixes competition This proved to be a great success and had golfers playing with different people, a great way of creating club spirit and getting to know each other better. Bring on the next event!

On a more serious note we have a few of our friends /members facing health challenges at the moment and I am sure you will join me in wishing Dot Masterton who is currently in hospital and Mike Smith who is receiving treatment a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing them back at the club soon.

Our sincere condolences must also go out to Richard Foulds whose wife Maureen recently passed away suddenly.

Strength to you Richard our thoughts and prayers are with you.

As always thanks go to our manager Janine and all the staff at the club for all the hard work they continue to serve up which is why our club is by far “The best all- round golf club” we can wish to be members of.

I look forward to seeing you all at our club.

Yours in Golf


From the Captain

“On the 3rd of September SA golf clubs will be implementing the new USGA Course Rating System which will incorporate Slope. The latter is the measurement of relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers. It is computed from the difference between Bogey Rating and Course Rating from a constant factor. Handicaps Network Africa will recalculate all handicaps on the system using the last 20 adjusted gross scores. When teeing up after 2 September you will be given a course handicap which will be arrived at by matching your handicap index against the Slope of the tee from which you will be playing. There will no longer be Men’s & Ladies’ tees, but instead,  colour-coded tees.

There can be little doubt that the new system brings parity to golfers around the country irrespective of ability. Being a fairer system, we are urged to embrace it despite the conceptual reservations which will no doubt arise during the initial stages. Appended / attached to this edition of The Kiewiet is a more detailed explanation of the system.


I would like to congratulate all the category winners in the club championships (see results section in club website) and in particular our new Men’s & Ladies’ Champions, Ivan Kamte & Heather Kruger. The field was larger than last year and was the event was played in true club spirit. The course was presented in exceptional condition by our green keeping staff who deserve all the praise that emanated. Our thanks to SPAR St Francis Bay for their generous support of the event.


It gives me great pleasure to advise that Ken Nieuwenhuizen was co-opted onto the committee by unanimous vote. Some 8 years ago Ken was vice captain for 6 months before deciding that the citrus in Addo was juicier than Kouga. It is great to have you back onboard Ken & thanks for all the effort you have already put in.


Our club hosted the EP Seniors Championships over 30 June & 1 July. The event was a success judging by the feedback of players which focused on the playability & condition of the course. On Sunday 15 July we held a Super-6’s event sponsored by Callaway & The Golfers club. Not only was the day well supported & enjoyed by all participants but showed that there is a demand for organised golf on a Sunday. One lady opined that it gave her the opportunity to play with golfers she would not ordinarily have played with. Whilst cliques are inevitable in any club the ability to play with all members irrespective of ability and background has to contribute towards the heath & well-being of our club. This surely enhances the friendly reputation for which our club has become known.

To happy rounds on and off the course.”

Richard Vauqulin – Club Captain



                                                2017                                             2018

                                     June/July                       YTD                                        June/July                            YTD

Rounds                      763/872                12909/13781                 859/902                  13581/14484

Value                      R94246/115734   R1800799/1916533      R102134/118272     R1949904/2068176



Our thanks again to all the players who supported this worthy cause and Congratulations to the winners who will go through to the Regional Finals and hopefully the National Finals later in the year. Our little Club has a pretty good record when it comes to getting players to the National Finals but we still have to win the competition at Sun City – Maybe this year!!!

02 June – Sanlam Cancer Challenge

MEN – A Div 0-9
1st       Ken Nieuwenhuizen                                                  40 PTS
MEN – B Div 10-18
1st       Brian Lane                                                                 40 PTS
MEN – C Div 19-30
1st       Peter Askew                                                              34 PTS
LADIES – A Div 0 -16
1st       Caroline Kettlewell                                                     28 PTS
LADIES – B Div 17-24
1st       Jenny Schulze                                                           31 PTS
LADIES – C Div 25-36
1st       Carol Hemsley                                                           39 PTS

06 June – 4 Ball Alliance – FrasAfrica

1st       Lawson Leslie, Ken Gammie, Garry Milford and John Hanley                      Pts 101
2nd      Rob Andrews, Caroline Kettlewell, Ken Wiggins and Darryl Hendricks        Pts 98
3rd       Brian Lane, Charlie Byl, Don Speirs and Herb Eickhaus                              Pts 97 c/i
4th       Len Grieve, Arthur Goodman, David Kettlewell and Richard Moolman        Pts 97 c/o

09 June – Better Ball Warwick Heath

1st Janine van der Merwe  & Charlie Byl                                43 pts
2nd Louis Boag & Alan Wright                                                42 pts
3rd Craig Haverly & Don Speirs                                              41 pts c/i
4th Darryl Hendricks & Caroline Kettlewell                             41 pts c/o
5th Herb Eickhaus & Brian Lane                                             40 pts
6th Nicole Kellett & Dawn Speirs                                            39 pts 

13 June – Better Ball Bonus Bogey

1st       Raymond Butler & Dawie Van Zyl                              + 14
2nd      Ken Nieuwenhuizen & Viv Jones                               + 9 c/i
3rd       Brian Hibbert & Keith Anderson                                 +9 c/o

Club Championships 

This year saw a good sized field competing for our top prize in the Club – Club and Ladies’ Champion of the Year.

The weather played along well and the players enjoyed the two days of competition.

We congratulate our two Champions:

Ivan Kamte and Heather Kruger


Ivan Kamte                                                         Gross 149            HCAP 4                 Nett 141
Richard Vauqulin                                                Gross 151            HCAP 6                 Nett 139
Jan Nell                                                              Nett 145               HCAP 6
Dane Shaw                                                        Gross 159             HCAP 10
Albert Burger                                                     Gross 165             HCAP 10               Nett 145
Don Speirs                                                         Nett 146               HCAP 12
Warren Knezovich                                             Gross 187             HCAP 19               Nett 149
Francois Friend                                                 Gross 201             HCAP 24               Nett 153
Brian Hibbert                                                     Nett 154                HCAP 26
1ST Heather Kruger                                           HCAP 10                               GROSS 171
2ND Renee Botha                                              HCAP 16                               GROSS 178
1ST Dawn Speirs                                               HCAP 20                               GROSS 187
1ST  June Mason                                               HCAP 29                               69 PTS
2nd Joan-Louise Manthe                                   HCAP 30                               61 PTS
Caroline Kettlewell                                              Nett 154                               HCP 15

20 June – IPS Jackpot 

1st   Ken Nieuwenhuizen                                   pts 41
2nd   Ken Gammie                                             pts 38
3rd   Jan Nel                                                       pts 37 c/i
4th   Len Terblanche                                           pts 37 c/o
5th   Brian Lane                                                  pts 36
6th  Johan Potas                                                pts 35 c/i

23 June – 4 Ball Alliance

1st       Rowan Nicholls, Darryl Hendricks, Ken Wiggins, Caroline Kettlewell           95 Pts
2nd     Louis Boag, Richard Vauqulin, Evan Dold, John Wilson                                91 Pts

27 June – Better Ball

1st Len Terblanche   & Charles Coenraad                                         44 PTS
2nd Jan Nel & GJ du Preez                                                               43 PTS
3rd Hennie Boshoff & Ken NIeuwenhuizen                                       42 PTS c/i
4th Gert Elbertse & Rob Andrews                                                     42 PTS c/o
5th Mike Anderson & Caroline Kettlewell                                          41 PTS c/i
6th John Colley & Gordi McIntosh                                                     41 PTS c/o

Super Sixes Callaway vs. Golfer’s Club

This certainly was the first of many more of this kind of competition. All the teams that entered really enjoyed the format and also the more relaxed atmosphere with friends and families around.


Thanks to Ken Nieuwenhuizen for the work done to get this off the ground. Also a huge “Thank You” to our two sponsors for the day Callaway and Golfers Club. It was great to have Matthew and Andile here who represented the sponsors.



1st: Darryl Hendricks & Johan Potas

2nd: Dane Shaw & Warren Knezovich

3rd: Albert Burger & Rob Andrews 4th: Brian Lane & Charlie Byl

LtR. Ken Neiuwenhuizen, Richard Vauqulin, Darryl Hendricks, Andile, Johan Potas & Matthew


1st: Louis Boag & Hennie Boshoff

Consolation prize – 15th Place: Ivan Kamte & Charles Coenraad
Booby Prize – 16th Place: Les Lucas & Fred Lucas

Best Dressed: Brandon Kennedy & Gary O’Shea                                                     



A Division 0 – 9
1st:  Wallie Coetsee                 HC + 4             Gross 67          Nett 71

B Division 10 – 18
1st:  Don Speirs                        HC 11              Gross 79          Nett 68
2nd: John Colley                       HC 13 / 11       Gross 80          Nett 69

C Division 19 – 30
1st:  Herb Eickhaus                  HC 20              33 Pts

Silver 1st:         Caroline Kettlewell                 HC 16              Nett 74
Bronze 1st:       Jean Fynn                              HC 23              Nett 71
Least Putts Sponsored by Pop In:  Nicole Kellett – 32 putts

Sebastians -10th:                     Chris Stanbridge
Olive Tree Junction – 8th:        Nicole Kellett  


We have wonderful new stock of Callaway products in the Proshop. Come and check this out. You will be surprised at the prices that we can offer you here at St Francis Bay GC.

Look forward to seeing you as you support one of our sponsors.


We have settled into our regular pattern of competitions for the year and we encourage everyone to keep on supporting the Club by playing regularly and bringing friends and colleagues to spend a day at the Club. The friendly atmosphere is only beaten by the affordable prices of our drinks.

Check it out!!

The Programme for AUGUST is as follows:
Wednesday 1st August          Better Ball Stableford
Friday 3rd August                   Sundowner – Cape St Francis Resort
Saturday 4th August              Individual Stableford
Wednesday 8th August          4 Ball Alliance – Frasafrica
Friday 10th August                 Sundowner – Cape St Francis Resort
Saturday 11th August             Better Ball Stableford
Wednesday 15th August        Better Ball Stableford
Friday 17th August                 Sundowner – Cape St Francis Resort
Saturday 18th August             Individual Stableford
Sunday 19th Augustus           Club Champion of Champions
Wednesday 22nd August        Better Ball Bonus Bogey Plus
Friday 24th August                  Sundowner – Cape St Francis Resort
Saturday 25th August             Monthly Medal
Wednesday 29th August         Better Ball Stableford – Humansdorp Toyota 


Enjoy your golf,


How are we going to change your

Handicap to a Handicap Index?

The Current System and Calculation.

Your Handicap Differential is the Adjusted Gross Score you enter after you play minus the SAGA/WGSA Course Rating of the tee you played.

So, if you entered 90 on the system and the SAGA/WGSA Course Rating of the tee you played was, say, 69 then your handicap differential would be 21 – and that is what you see when you look at your handicap scores on the system.

When we calculate your handicap we take the best 10 of the last 20 differentials and average them, and multiply the average by 0.96 before rounding the number to the nearest whole number. You can see in the below example, a player with 20 scores in the system and what his/her current handicap calculation is

Handicap calculation = Average of Best 10 Differentials x 0.96
= 20,8 x 0.96
= 19,9 (rounded up to 20)

New Handicap Index Calculation 

On the night of the 2nd of September 2018, we are going to take all 20 of your latest scores in the HNA system and recalculate your differentials using the new USGA Course Ratings and the Slope Rating of the tee that you played. So the new Differential calculation will be (Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating) *113/Slope.

In the above example, the new table of Differentials will be as shown below

Handicap Index calculation = Average of Best 10 Differentials x 0.96
= 16,1 x 0.96
Handicap Index                      = 15.4

You can see that for the same Gross Scores the Handicap Index is lower, due to the USGA Course Ratings, which are higher than the existing ones, as well as a Slope adjustment. But don’t worry, the calculation of a Course Handicap, which includes Slope, reverses some of the above adjustment as you can see below. Also remember that all the handicaps are being adjusted, not just yours, so you will be just as competitive as before.

So, how will you know what your Course Handicap will be when you arrive at a club to play on the 3rd September?

Course Handicap Calculation 

The Course Handicap Calculation that will be done for you by one of the below options is calculated as follows:

 Course Handicap = (Handicap Index x Slope of the Course (Tee) / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)

As you can see, the calculation adjusts the Handicap Index for both the Slope of the tee and the Course Rating of the tee, so from the 3rd September you will not have to adjust your Course Handicap when competing with other players off different tees.

So firstly, you will look up your Handicap Index on the system as you do now for your Handicap. Then there will be a number of ways to get your Course Handicap:

Table Displayed at the Club

In the example used above, the player has a Handicap Index of 15.4. This player can then look up his/her Course Handicap from a table similar to the one shown below for Durban Country Club, which will be displayed in the Pro Shop and on the noticeboard at each course.

If the above golfer is male and he chooses to play the White Tees, his Course Handicap will be 18. If the above golfer is female and she chooses to play off the Red Tees, her Course Handicap will be 20.

Printed out by the Club 

For those courses with a computer system, the Club will print out the Course Handicap for you when you register and pay.

 On the HNA Mobile Phone App

Your Course Handicap will also be shown on your HNA Handicap phone app once you select a course and a tee.

 On the Course Terminal

The terminal at the course will also give you a Course Handicap on entering your Handicap Index and the Tee.


While this is quite a big change to get used to, it is currently in use in all countries except the United Kingdom. Once the UK has completed its Slope Ratings, it will use the same calculation and the whole world will then be on one system.

We will be sending out information documents to the clubs, for display and distribution in July and August and we will also email you a comprehensive guide in August. In the interim if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us



June and July are historically a slow month for golf in St. Francis Bay, but the Ladies Section doesn’t slow down in activities. The Committee thanks the ladies for their continuous support in these activities.


After heavy winds and rain on Friday, the Sanlam Cancer Challenge event was hosted in lovely golf weather on Saturday 2nd June.

It is always a privilege to be part of such a worthy event and to contribute in fund raising for CANSA.

Our thanks to Sanlam for sponsoring this event and to Jacque Botha who represented CANSA on the day. Being a three-time survivor of cancer, Jacque not only informed the members of the latest cancer statistic but also encouraged them through her example, to face challenges head on and to overcome them successfully.

A division (0-16): Caroline Kettlewell
B division (17-24): Jenny Schulze
C division (25-36): 1st: Carol Hemsley and 2nd Joan Louise Manthe


The great challenge between the ladies of St. Francis Bay Golf Club (SFBGC) and Jeffreys Bay Golf Club (JBGC) for the Baboon Trophy took place on Tuesday 12th June at SFBGC. This was the first of two matches this year. What makes this challenge different is that the losing team wins the trophy. Since 2003 twenty-one matches were played between the two Ladies Sections. JBGC won the trophy eight times and SFBGC six times and the challenge were drawn seven times

This first challenge of 2018 was played in excellent weather conditions with smiles and friendly rivalry. Each team consists of twelve players and at the end of the day JBGC beat SGBGC. The Baboon will stay in SFBGC’s trophy cupboard till October when the next challenge will take place in Jeffreys Bay.

The St. Francis ladies would like to thank the ladies from Jeffreys Bay for the friendly spirit in which these challenges always take place.


The St. Francis Bay Golf Club (SFBGC) 2018 Club Championships took place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June in contrasting weather conditions. On Saturday the players teed off in a gale force wind but fortunately Sunday delivered beautiful golf weather that ensured excellent scoring conditions.

The field consisted mostly of local golfers, but we also had the pleasure of having players from Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Thanks to Janine van der Merwe and her management team as well as the two Captains, Richard Vauqulin and Dawn Speirs for the smooth organisation, Gordon Dennett and his grounds team for outstanding course conditions, Jani and Frank Ellis for keeping up the energy level with tasty food and the bar staff for quenching the players thirst.

All the players would like to thank Village Square Superspar St. Francis Bay for their generous sponsorship towards these Championships.


Gross competition:
Silver Division winner & Ladies Champion: Heather Kruger
Silver Division runner up: Renee Botha
Bronze Division winner: Dawn Speirs
Copper Division winner: June Mason
Copper Division runner up: Joan Louise Manthe
Nett competition:
Best overall nett: Caroline Kettlewell


Six of our ladies participated in the Goose Valley tournament in excellent weather conditions. Dawn Speirs and June Mason won Nearest to the Pin prizes while Janine van der Merwe won the Longest Drive prize. Nicole was the winner of the raffle prize. Well done Ladies!


We encourage the ladies to play in our monthly Medal competitions. This is the best way to really determine the level of your games.  The winners of the July Monthly Medal were:

  • Silver Division: Caroline Kettlewell
  • Bronze Division: Jean Fynn
  • Putting prize: Nicole Kellett


A wonderful Ladies Day today. Magnificent weather with a superb course invited us to play. We played a three-ball alliance and had a superb quiche and salad for lunch. The second placed three ball was Debbie McCracken, June Mason and Helen Gustavo with 73 points and in 1st place was Nicole Kellett , Sue Eikhaus and Dawn Speirs with 75 points. Thank you, ladies for coming to support us and please diarize the 21st August for our next Sponsored Ladies Day.


The “New Look” League Team collected 10 points in the second

League Match and is now 8th in the field with a total of 20 points. Royal Port Alfred is first with 33 points. Serious practicing is being organised by our League Captain, Nicole, to ensure more wins during the third leg of the competition.



Most of golfers have been hearing about the changes coming to the handicap systems and the stroke rating, course rating and slope rating to golf courses in South Africa. Simply put this will align us with the rest of the world so your handicap index will apply anywhere in the world. This has been achieved by using a mathematical algorithm to calculate the changes to your handicap index when you play off different coloured tees or a different course. The demarcation of tees is now purely by colour and not by gender. Let us define each of the new terms

Slope rating of a golf course is the measurement of the relative playing difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers.

Handicap index is similar to our present handicap it is expressed to one decimal point. This is calculated by using 96% of the best 10 scores from your last 20 scores.

Course handicap is the calculated handicap the golfer will use on that day, based on the tee they select and includes adjustment to par. It is a whole rounded number.

Course rating is the equivalent to the current SAGA which is a rounded number and only takes into account the length of the course. The USGA rating takes into account the length, obstacles on the course and the difficulty of the greens and is a numerical number to one decimal point.

All this will come into effect on the 3rd of September when you will wake up to a new Handicap index, when you play your first game on that handicap index a course handicap will be calculated for you by the computer, by a smart phone app or can be looked up on a table that will be put up on various boards in the club. In the meantime, the club staff and committee are working hard to restroke the course and reprint the cards with all the relevant changes clearly stated.

I hope that has given you an idea of the changes that are coming, changes are difficult to accept please embrace them and ask questions if you are confused. Enjoy your golf it is a game and played for fun after all a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office.

Please click on the link in the Editorial Section of the Kiewiet for more information. 

Happy golfing 


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