The Kiewiet March 2019

Dear Members and friends of St Francis Bay Golf Club,

Here we are starting the second quarter of the year 2019. After a pretty busy and hectic November/December things have slowed down significantly although all our golfers are still enjoying some pretty enjoyable golf.

(Justin & Angeliqueca Roux on the left).

The news that Janine van der Merwe, our Manager for almost a decade will be leaving the Club at the end of April came as a surprise to all of us but the Committee succeeded in appointing a worthy successor to Janine in the person of Justin Roux. We will take our leave of Janine in a more formal way at a later date and also welcome Justin. Please give him your support as he settles into the “big shoes” that Janine left.

Our Club is very proud of Janine as she is at present in Mexico representing South Africa at the BMW World Golf Final (See photo of Janine in her “BMW”).


She has Peet with her as moral support and we are anxiously waiting to hear the outcome of the three days of competition there.

Gordon Dennett, our Course Consultant, has not been well and is at present in hospital in Port Elizabeth. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

On a more happy note, we can report that Anzet and Ruanne Schoeman received the gift of a perfect little baby boy, Anru, on the 15th March 2019 (Photo left). We wish them a lot of joy and happiness as this little guy grows up and takes over their lives.

While Anzet is away Tammy Webster is standing in and filling her shoes with great success. We have some wonderful people with great skills in this little Village.

As we go into our Autumn, we say farewell to many of our swallows and wish them safe travels and look forward to welcoming them back later in the year. To those of us who are fortunate to stay behind in our little corner of paradise, may you continue to experience health and may you enjoy the golf and friendship at our Club.

Enjoy and play the game!! 



From the Chairman

Greetings fellow members,

We are MARCH-ing on into 2019 and the summer season is drawing to a close which means that many of our swallows will be returning to their nests in the west and we wish them safe travels and look forward to seeing them when they return again next summer.

We started our new financial year very well over the festive season in terms of rounds of golf and general activity at the club but unfortunately more recently the poor economy seems to be biting and things have been relatively slow over the later part of January and into February.

 The large group of “sun-birdies” who played at our club last year have not returned in the same numbers this year and this has had a slight negative impact on the number of rounds and bar sales. Hopefully things will pick up before our traditionally slow winter period and we can get back on track.

 In the meantime we will monitor the situation and manage the budget closely. Please help by supporting the club with your attendance when you can.

Our new committee which includes a new captain and vice–captain Ken Nieuwenhuizen and Viv Jones are hard at work and I look forward to working with them and our dedicated staff this year.

On that note we will soon bid farewell to our much-loved manager Janine van der Merwe who is currently representing our club and South Africa at the World BMW finals in Mexico!  I am sure you will join me in wishing Janine and her husband our good friend Peet great success in the future and also hopefully a winner’s prize in Mexico.

Please also note that our new manager Justin Roux will be begin his tenure at our club in May and we wish him great success and look forward to having him on board.

Yours in Golf

Brian Lane.

From the Captain

Wow, hard to believe that the first quarter of the year has come and gone….I guess time flies even faster when you are having a good time? Some very welcome rain recently has been a blessing, along with the successful establishment of another borehole on our course. Hopefully this all points towards our course condition improving even more over the months to come!

Our leagues teams have kicked off well and show promise of achieving good results – the Scratch League team has played two rounds winning two and losing two matches in the process, so they are lying mid-table at the halfway point, while the Kouga League team, after two rounds, are lurking close behind Fynbos and Langkloof in third spot. We wish them good luck for their remaining games!

We trust that our overseas visitors – the Sunbirdies and our regular Swallows – have enjoyed their time in St Francis Bay and at our club. We are grateful for their support and we wish them well as many of them return to their approaching summer back home. For those who may hang around a little longer we are entering that time of year when our golfing weather peaks and we all look forward to those splendid autumn days!

Our Seniors will be hosting the Humewood Golf Club Seniors on Monday 25 March and all seniors are welcome to join in a wonderful day of golf and fellowship. Our annual knock-out competitions (better-ball, foursomes and singles) will need to commence quite soon – there are not many entries at this stage so may I appeal to all interested to please enter your names on the lists which are on the notice board at the club. For your early notification, we have scheduled the Super Sixes, which was introduced last year, for the Sunday of the Wimbledon final again but will communicate in this regard closer to the date. Our Calamari Sub-committee has commenced its work on the planning and organising of this vital event in our club calendar – amidst ever-tightening economic circumstances it will require much effort to ensure that it is again a successful event and we look forward to receiving the usual support from all of our members.

The one thing in life that can be guaranteed is change….as we welcome our new club manager, Justin Roux, we bid a bitter sweet farewell to Janine and Peet – we as golf members thank them both for their enormous contribution in the success that our club has and is enjoying – we are sad that they are leaving our community but we wish them well in the next chapter of there lives…Go well you two!!

Swing easy,

Ken Nieuwenhuizen – Club Captain


02 Feb – IPS

1st        Heather Hofmeyr                                                                                38 PTS
2nd        Darryl Hendricks                                                                                 37 PTS c/i
3rd        Richard Vauqulin                                                                                37 PTS c/o

06 Feb – 4 Ball Alliance – FrasAfrica

1st           Gordon Dennett. Janine vd Merwe, Fraser Schenk, Marius Malherbe     90 PTS
2nd          Richard Vauqulin, Len Grieve, John Sawers, Michael Pearton                 89 PTS c/i
3rd           Neil Jones, Rob Andrews Jnr, Barry Swart, Kevin Boag                            89 PTS c/o

09 Feb – Better Ball – Windhoek Lager Pairs

1st        Louis & Kevin Boag                                                                             49 PTS
2nd        Richard Vauqulin & Albert Kolesky                                                     47 PTS
3rd        Evan Dold & Brandon Lynch                                                               45 PTS c/i

13 Feb – IPS Jackpot

1st        Keith Condon                                                                                       38 PTS c/i
2nd        Darryl Hendricks                                                                                38 PTS c/o
3rd        Rob Andrews Jnr                                                                                 37 PTS

16 Feb – 4 Ball Alliance

1st           Casper & Annemari Nice, Heilie Uys, Wollie Wolmarans                                 95 PTS
2nd          Len Terblanche, Keith Condon, Charles Coenraad, Trevor Hanson             92 PTS
3rd           JP Pauwels, Tammy Webster, Mark Funston, Garry Milford                         91 PTS

20 Feb – Better Ball Bonus Bogey

1st        Johan Potas & Kevin Boag                                                                  + 8 c/i
2nd        Rob Andrews & Paul Wentzel                                                            + 8 c/o
3rd        Ken Wiggins & Ian Strang                                                                   + 7

23 Feb – Monthly Medal

A Division 0 – 9

1st:       Louis Boag                                           70 Gross          65 Nett            5 HCP
2nd:       George Chrisjans                                75 Gross          69 Nett            6 HCP

B Division 10 – 18

1st:       Glen D’Arcy                                         88 Gross          71 Nett            17 HCP
2nd:       Hein Nauhaus                                      86 Gross          72 Nett            14 HCP
3rd:       Ian Strang                                            90 Gross          73 Nett            17 HCP

C Division 19 – 30

1st:       Keith Forgan                                                                21 HCP            30 Pts


Silver Division:

1st:       Virpi Haatja                                         80 Gross          72 Nett            8 HCP

Bronze Division:

1st:       Silke Majewsky                                   96 Gross          71 Nett            25 HCP
Putts:    Silke Majewsky – 31 putts



Please continue to support the Club and enjoy playing on one of the Top 100 courses in the country. 

APRIL 2019

Please check with the Club and make your bookings timeously.

Enjoy your golf,


Our sincere thanks to Barry Webb and SA Airlink for sponsoring the Winner of the Day with a Double Ticket to any one of the Airlink destinations.


Lady Golfers,

February and March gave us beautiful golf weather with some rain to keep our course in it’s amazing condition.

Our lady golfers excel in different competitions by winning the first ever Ryder Cup against UK lady golfers as well as ending up with a 7points to 1 win over the ladies from the Links at our first EPWG league match for 2019. The best achievement was by Janine van der Merwe winning the South African BMW finals and will play in the BMW finals in Mexico. We wish her all the best.

On the 23rd of February a number of our ladies played in the Cupboard and Kitchen Ladies Open at Jeffrey Bay Golf Club. This was an IPS competition and our ladies had some great scores.


Janine van der Merwe is not just an outstanding Club Manager, but she is also a superb golfer! She won the National BMW Tournament at Pezula at the end of January with 35 points. She will now play n the BMW World Champs in Los Cabos, Mexico from 18-25th March at the Cabo Del Sol Golf Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Wishing her all the best!


The Pop In Beauty Bar golf morning on 12th February at St. Francis Bay Golf Club (SFBGC) was a GREAT success, thanks to Renee Botha and her Team. This is the fifth year in a row that Renee is the sponsor of this special beauty day.

Players from Jeffreys Bay and overseas visitors (76 in total) joined the SFBGC ladies to enjoy good weather and great golf in a Valentine’s spirit. Our thanks to Renee and Christine Langford (Professional and Golf Operations Manager Thorpeness, UK) who arranged to “import” over 40 UK ladies to make up a Ryder Cup Team field.

After the sponsored Better Ball competition, the ladies were pampered with free shoulder and neck massages followed by light lunch.
The winners on the day received vouchers and products from Pop In Beauty Bar for which the ladies were sincerely thankful.

Nearest to the Pin winners:

8th hole Kane Dove Meadow & 10th hole Jean Fynn

Betterball winners:

1st: Pam Beaumont & Kath Bowren – 46 points
2nd: Helen Gustavo & Val Kedge – 43 points
3rd: Heilie Uys & Dawn Speirs – 42 points
4th: L Wray & G de Sausmarez  – 41 points

Ryder Cup winner:
South Africa on 387 points with the UK on a close 380 points

Thanks to Janine van der Merwe and her Team, Course Manager Gordon Dennett and Jani and Frank for a lovely lunch.

Dawn Speirs with the 2018 second place trophy



The new League season started with a new format, namely Betterball Matchplay. Our ladies continue with their winning streak of 2018 and started the new round with a win over St Francis Links. The next match will be on Monday 25th March against Country Districts and we wish them all the best.

Results of the first round:






Thank you to our loyal Tuesday lady golfers who have played regularly, especially our Swallows who are contagious with their enthusiasm!
The first round of the Knock Out Competition must take place before the end of March. The draw is on the notice board along with many other interesting open day posters and other events at our club. 


  • 23 March – Monthly Medal
  • 25 March – EPWG League at PEGC
  • 28 March – Senior’s Championships PEGC
  • 11 April – Senior’s Limbada Trophy at Jeffreys Bay Golf Club
  • 22 April – SFBGC Mixed Open 

Wishing you good health and happy golfing. 


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