The KIEWIET May 2019

From Justin’s pen

It is with great pleasure that I write my first article for the Kiewiet, and an honour to take over as Manager at St Francis Bay Golf Club, while I have big shoes to fill I look forward to the future and growing the Golf Club and golf in St Francis Bay. I am fortunate enough to already know many of the members from my time in St Francis Bay and I look forward to getting to know those members I haven’t met yet.

A big thanks must go to Gordon Dennett and his team for the condition of the golf course.  The course is looking and playing absolutely amazing. If you have played lately you would have noticed the effects of the recent outbreak of dollar spot that we had. With the top dressing the greens have being receiving this will recover but unfortunately due to the lower soil temperature this time of year, the recovery period is a little longer than normal.

If you haven’t played lately, we encourage you to come have a game and invite some friends and see what great condition the course is in. As winter sets in and things quieten down in St Francis Bay don’t forget to support the club where you can whether it is for Friday Sundowners or an afternoon beer on the deck or joining us for a lovely Wednesday or Friday night supper, we look forward to having you at your club.

Club Championship Change of Dates

Due to an unforeseen schedule conflict the Men’s and Ladies Club Championships has been moved out a week to the 15th & 16th June 2019. Entry forms to go up on the notice boards.

Pro Shop News 

If life gives you lemons make lemonade. Due to a recent unfortunate incident we must look for the positive side to it. While that doesn’t mean we will be serving lemonade in the Pro Shop we will be getting new stock in soon which includes some lovely winter wear.

We will also be having a “Mother’s Day Sale” for the month of May on selected ladies’ items with 10% off.

See you on the fairways


The Managment Kiewiet


From the Chairman

Greetings fellow members,

The year is almost at the halfway mark and we will be entering the quiet season building up to the annual Calamari Tournament in September. The Calamari committee, led by Ken, are hard at work in organizing this our premier event of the year and historically a major revenue generator for the club.

 Funds generated by this event are essential for St Francis Bay golf club and help keep us in the black and presenting members with a golf course and facilities that we can be proud of.

Getting players to participate is not difficult as the event which has been in existence for more than 20 years and is extremely popular with participants from all corners of South Africa and even overseas.

Attracting sponsors of this event who are essential for the success of the tournament is where we as members can help Ken and his team make this year’s tournament as or more successful than previous years. If members have contacts or they themselves are keen to sponsor please contact Ken.

Getting back to current matters we bid farewell to our long standing and extremely popular manager Janine last month and we wish Janine and Peet great happiness and success into the future.

I am very pleased to report that Justin Roux our new manager is on board and has “hit the road running” and we all look forward to him leading our club to new heights in the future.

Please support Justin and our club into this new period and let’s have lots of fun and good golf.

Yours in Golf

Brian Lane.

From the Captain

Unbelievable comeback by Tiger Woods in the Masters…..I have no doubt that many of you sat up to watch an incredible performance that has to be admired, notwithstanding your opinion of the man himself!!! It certainly was inspiring and will help to motivate the older members in our club to continue seeking that perfect round??

Our course is in fine shape after the very welcome rains although the grounds staff are still working hard on solving the dollar spot infestation on some of the greens. We have full confidence in their ability to resolve the matter.

The 22nd Calamari Classic approaches and, as usual, our field is full while the Committee is hard at work to ensure that the tournament is another successful and enjoyable event. We are ever-grateful to the sponsors and players who year after year provide their support to this vital event in our calendar.

Our leagues teams in the Scratch League – 1st League – and the Kouga League are chipping away and we expect them to end the season well. Interestingly, the Kouga League players are finding that the newly introduced slope ratings are working in favour of the other participating clubs in our local area who all gain a number of shots on their handicaps! Winning this league, as we have done for the past number of years, will therefore represent a bit more of a challenge…. refer first paragraph above!!!! The club championships will be held during early June, our various knock-out competitions, singles, better-ball and foursomes, are underway and we have a new Wednesday sponsor for the 3rd Wednesday of each month, in the form of Adviceworx who are financial advisers and are represented by Ryan Truelove and Darren Nell – we certainly appreciate their support and trust that our members will in turn support them.

Finally, a very warm welcome to our new club manager, Justin Roux who is settling in nicely and quickly into his new role. I look forward to working closely with Justin and I am excited by the possibilities he brings to take our special little club up a few more notches. With Justin’s help we will try to ensure an enjoyable golf calendar for all and we will certainly endeavour to present a pleasurable golf experience to all who venture into our club and onto our course.

Grip it and rip it…..and enjoy!

Ken Nieuwenhuizen – Club Captain



FAREWELL – Janine Van Der Merwe

On Monday 29th April our Club and members said an official farewell to Janine (and also Peet) who has been with such an integral part of the success of our Club over the past 9 years. The function was attended by many members and friends and although some speeches were made the emphasis was on enjoying the time together.

We wish Peet and Janine many more healthy and happy years and success with future plans.



DATE:    03 April 2019
COMPETITION:                                 4 Ball Alliance   FrasAfrica
1st Ian Price, Paddy Kelly, Arthur Goodman, David Kettlewell                                       98 Pts
2nd  Louis Boag, Leonard Grieve, Michael Pearton, John Sawyers                               97 Pts c/i
3rd  Des White, Darron Hammond, Clint White, Martin King                                           97 Pts c/o
4th  Darryl Hendricks, Ian Strang, Rowan Nichols, Ken Wiggins                                     96 Pts

DATE:    05 April 2019
COMPETITION: Sundowner Front 9
1ST Mike Anderson                         20 PTS                                   14 H/C
2nd Paul Wentzel                             19 PTS                                   12 H/C

DATE:    10 April 2019
COMPETITION: Better Ball Stableford
1              Len Terblanche and Ivan Beaumont        44
2              Charlie Byl and Janine vd Merwe            42 c/i
3              Rowan Nicholls and Ian Strang                42 c/o

DATE:    12 April 2019
COMPETITION: Sundowner Back 9
1ST         Albert Burger                     21pts                     H/C     8
2nd        John Poole                          18pts                     H/C   18

DATE:    13 April 2019
COMPETITION:  4 Ball Alliance
1st  Richard Kellett, Craig Haverly, Viv Jones, Willem Verwey                      99 Pts
2nd  Peter Townend, Peter Askew, Rob Andrews, Neil Jones                       98 Pts
3rd  Ian Price, David Kettlewell, Arthur Goodman Glen D’Arcy                      95 Pts

DATE:    17 April 2019
1ST          Brian Hibbert                     HCP 21                  PTS 42 c/I
2ND          Peter Townend                 HCP 19                  PTS 42c/o
3RD          Michael Pearton               HCP 8                    PTS 40
4TH          John Reilly                           HCP 13               PTS 39 c/i
5th           Terry Smith                         HCP 13                 PTS 39 c/o
6th           Janine van der Merwe   HCP 8                        PTS 38
7th           Richard Vauqulin              HCP 7                     PTS 37 c/I

DATE:    19 April 2019
COMPETITION: Sundowner Front 9
1ST Paul Lawrie                                 22 PTS                                   19 H/C
2nd Viv Jones                                    21PTS                                    12 H/C    

DATE:                                                    20 April 2019
COMPETITION:                                 Better Ball Stableford
1              Joachim Mennen & Johan Coetzee c/i                    41 c/I
2              Ian Price & David Kettlewell                                     41 c/o
3              Liam Schulz & Tieg Schulz                                       41 c/o
4              Louis Boag & Kevin Boag                                         40



This favourite competition sponsored by Seeff – St Francis Bay and  arranged by our Ladies’ Section was held on Monday 22nd April and was a huge success. For a full report and also the winners and pictures, see our Ladies Newsletter.

Thanks to all the visitors who came to join us on the day and for all those that participated. Thanks to our sponsors!!




The Annual Rotary Golf Day raised over R50000 and was enjoyed by all the players. Winners on the day were Clive de Witt and Hein Nauhaus.

There were prizes galore and also some wonderful Lucky Draws and Raffle Prizes.

Thanks to all the players and sponsors who made the day possible.


Herewith the results post the Jeffreys Bay game that turned out not to be a good day at the office.  We will really need to excel at Hankey and home to make any inroads notwithstanding our 3rd place overall however the handicap system appears to be our Achilles heel as we seem to be the club that continuously loose shots on the others. However, let us keep our heads down and hope for some assistance come the next game.

The next game is in August at Hankey Golf Club.



Please continue to support the Club and enjoy playing on one of the Top 100 courses in the country. 


 Please check with the Club and make your bookings timeously.

Enjoy your golf,




Dear Ladies,

Sadly, at this time of the year we bid farewell to our last overseas members and is settling into winter mode. In the winter months may your golf be good, and may it rain on non-golf days.

Our Ladies excelled in different areas of the Game especially our League Team who are top of the log! Our thanks to all the ladies who assisted to ensure that the Mixed Open was again a great success and congratulations to Heather Kruger and Gill van der Meulen who were in the prizes at the Gauteng Mid-Amateur Championships.

We are a GREAT TEAM!


The St. Francis Bay Golf Club’s Mixed Open golf day is a very popular Easter event and was played on Monday 22nd April 2019.  This event, organized by the Ladies Section, was much enjoyed by all players in overcast weather with light rain now and then. In the field were players from Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, supporting Kouga Clubs, Western Cape and event from Durban

Danie, Desiree & Ronelle du Toit

Desiree Ferreira and Garry Milford from Seeff Properties have again sponsored the prizes for this event. David Kettlewell from Delish Gourmet Deli Foods very generously supplied the items for raffle basket.  The Club is extremely grateful for their very generous support.


  • 1st: Mark & Joan-Louise Manthe – 45 points
  • 2nd: ST & Elmarie Maarschalk – 43 points
  • 3rd: Mike Anderson & Caroline Kettlewell – 43 points

Nearest to the pin:

  • 3rd hole – Mike Anderson
  • 8th hole – Richard Vauqulin
  • 10th hole – JP Pauwels
  • 14th hole – Richard Kellett
  • 17th hole – Tem Visser

Danie & Ronelle du Toit were undoubtedly the best dressed pair, with amazing attention to detail from head to toe!


Winners: Mike Anderson, Caroline Kettlewell Joan-Louise Manthe, Desiree, Mark Manthe Elmarie & ST Maarschalk

Nearest to the pin: Mike Anderson,
Richard Vauqulin, Desiree, JP Pauwels,
Richard Kellett, Tem Visser



Captain Dawn Speirs & League Captain Nicole Kellett

After the third round of the EPWG League competition, our Team has done exceptionally well with wins over the teams of the Links and PEGC. We wish them well with their last game in the finals against Walmer Golf Club on 3rd June at Wedgewood.

Well done ladies and thanks to our encouraging and enthusiastic Captain Nicole Kellett.


 The Tuesday Ladies section has remained very viable with positive input from our Committee. Thanks to those committed players who regularly support Tuesday Golf. We will have sponsored invitation days in June and August.

Please remember we are on winter times so have your names on the list at 08:30, the draw is at 08.45 am and tee off at 09:00. This arrangement will continue until 1st October. 

The knock out competition is progressing well, and matches are being played in good time. Best of luck to those ladies who are entering the final rounds of this competition.


Two of our up-country members, Heather Kruger and Gill van der Meulen played in the Cenotec Gauteng Mid-amateur Championships at Country Club Johannesburg on 5th & 6th May.

Heather won the Best Net in the A Division and Gill came second in the C Division. Congratulations with a fine performance!


The great challenge between the ladies of St. Francis Bay Golf Club (SFBGC) and Jeffreys Bay Golf Club (JBGC) for the Baboon Trophy will take place on Tuesday 21st May at JBGC. What makes this challenge different is that the losing team wins the trophy.

SFBGC is the current holder of this trophy and we desperately want to give it back to Jeffreys Bay.

Please enter for this competition and help us to give the Baboon a new home!




Janine was not just the Club Manager for the past 9 years, but she was also a friend, exceptional golfer and Team Player. We will miss you Janine and wish you well with all your plans for the future. Fortunately, she will still be part of our League Team!

This is how the ladies will remember you. 


Wishing you good health and happy golfing. 


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